devops-cloud-storageYou know it’s funny because the editor felt obliged to add “[humor]” to the title. This is an article I wrote for DevOps Angle:

There’s a lot of talk going around right now about “DevOps,” a so-called marriage of Development and Operations functions. DevOps will change the world, say some, and will supposedly enable enterprises to be more nimble, efficient, and creative. But to get there, those organizations will have to shift mindset, workflow, and in some extreme cases, resources.

Is DevOps right for your organization? That depends. Can you handle the change? Does the thought of facilitating rapid development make you break out in hives? When you think streamlining, does a paved riverbed come to mind? Is your job security contingent on preserving operational bottlenecks?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, or didn’t understand them, or have trouble picking up on sarcasm, then no, DevOps isn’t for you, and you should probably recognize it for what it really is: a throughput-optimizing, process-accelerating, agility-creating, workflow-throttling threat to your very bureaucratic existence.

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